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26 December 1948
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*If I could be anywhere right now: I love Ocracoke NC
*Five items I can't live without: My computer My banjo My Books Trees and Nature
*Hermione Granger is sexy
*In my bedroom one will find...Wall to wall computers and musical equipment and a tool bench
*The word or phrase that best describes my personality: Magnetic
*The last thing that made me laugh out loud: Mind of Mencia
*25 years from now, I see myself: I sure would like to see myself then
*The role religion plays in my life: I am a Gnostic, I beleive in Nature Religion. God is a Mother.
*My personal motto or creed: Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole of the Law.
*My personal style: I am very Cardinal. Creative and Original. I do not follow the herd.
*I am very attracted to Electronics, Science, Technology and New Thinking.
*I do not want to be conservative yet I also uphold old fashioned values.
*Body art: I have a few tattoos and once pierced my ears.
*Favorite item of clothing: Summer shorts and a tee, winter jeans and an old flannel lumberjack.
*In my refrigerator one will find...Beer
*Pets: Shaddow my Cat and Bugler my Dog.
*The pace of my life is best described as: Recovering
*What I like - or dislike - about what I do for a living: I am retired
*The type of family I come from: White, southern, middle class.
*The amount of fame and fortune I've achieved in my life is...Does notoriety count?
*My favorite way to spend a weekend: Marking up html
*If I could take a class on any subject, it would be... Graphic Design or Creative Writing
*My sports: I am too old to play ice hockey but I love to watch the Thrashers and the Braves.
*My most unusual or impressive skill: Staying alive
*The last great book I read Magical Arts in Celtic Britain
*In my stereo right now, you'll find...Everything from Blues to Bluegrass. Punk to Classical.
*I like live internet streaming music, especially irelandlive.com
*The best movie I saw this year Rise of the Silver Surfer
*Movies: Take your pick LOTR or Harry Potter
*Favorite Shows: X Files
*Favorite on-screen sex scene: I'd rather not.
*Activities I'd enjoy on a date: Walking and talking about you.
*My most humbling moment: When I get up in the morning